10 Hygge Things About My Workplace

To celebrate a year of working at the lavender farm, I thought I’d give you an insight into the place! Surprisingly, there are a lot of hygge things about my workplace, so it’s nice to be able to add some photos here and let you see for yourself…

Purple everything

This is a funny one, because I have recently seen memes on twitter about lovers of purple going something like “you’ll know if someone’s favourite colour is purple because it becomes their whole personality” and, errr, where’s the lie? That’s me in a nutshell, and that’s what the lavender farm is all about too!

There is something about the colour that is calming, majestic and attractive all at the same time, which is why working in a place with purple flowers and accessories all around is super cosy.

A hygge escape's author miriam elen in purple sweater, purple tunnel

Nature all around

The main attraction of my workplace is hygge. The owners do such an amazing job at landscaping and making the gardens look beautiful.

Although the outdoors isn’t inherently hygge, something about taking notice of nature and the seasons has started to become hygge to me. Taking a stroll at lunchtime and listening to the birds, looking at the colourful flowers and ever-changing trees can make my day. Even sitting in the tearoom looking out at the gardens is calming.

a field of yellow flowers with beehives and scarecrow dressed as beekeeper in the background

The main attraction: lavender

Of course, in spring and summer when the lavender rows are all showing off, it is nothing short of breathtaking at the farm. Walking through the rows of lavender with the bees buzzing all around is like being part of a daydream.

Although I love seeing the changing seasons at the farm, summertime with the lavender in bloom is the hygge highlight.

bee on lavender

Smells… oh, the smells

Lavender, tea, bakes, herbal products; our tearoom and shop at the lavender farm are bursting at the seams with mouth-watering aromas.

As you can image, the herbally-sweet scent of the lavender is the strongest fragrance. We sell lavender oils, dried flowers and hand-made products that showcase lavender, so as soon as you walk in, the smell hits you. Then, we have our steaming hot drinking chocolate and herbal teas’ aromas mixing in the air in the tearoom right next to the shop. And on top of it all, in the morning when we are baking our muffins and scones, the smell of the treats meander through as well, which is another hygge touch.

hygge things: purple and white lavender drying on the ceiling

Furry friends

If you’re an animal lover like me, then I’m sure you can agree that spending time with animals is hygge. Whether they are cute little pets, or big grass-eating wild animals, it makes no difference to me.

The animals we have at the lavender farm are taken on as rescues that otherwise would not see another week, so it’s amazing seeing them be happy in each other’s company, grazing away. My mood is always lifted when walking through the lavender farm and saying hi to the donkeys, goats, alpacas, sheep, chickens, horses, pigs and cows. In my opinion, they are one of the most hygge aspects of my workplace.

a miniture horse booping camera

Teatime in the tearoom

As a tea lover, this is my favourite place on the farm! It is so cosy during the winter when we serve lavender treats, teas and hot chocolate. With the fire roaring, the purple blankets hanging off the chairs and the chic vibes, it would be hard to describe this place as anything other than hygge. And in the summer, it’s just as incredible sitting in the tearoom garden surrounded by lavender, enjoying a tea served in a teapot and china cup with saucer.

Tea is the king (or queen?) of making something hygge. And at my job, I have access to over 10 different kinds of delicious teas to have on my breaks and/or lunch. Or in between. I couldn’t ask for more really.

hygge thing about my workplace: purple tea in front of a fire in the tearoom

Handmaking products and learning something new every day

As mentioned before, at my job, we make our own products that has lavender as the star – from creams, oils and balms, to candles, sprays and soaps. And although I work at the front in the shop and tearoom, I also get to make all of these wonderful, natural products in the back. Which is seriously hygge, because I am making a cosy product for someone to enjoy, and learning something new everyday.

Whether it be about product-making, lavender or gardening, I am acquiring a wealth of knowledge by working here.

purple lavender candle-making

Wholesome small business

Another hygge thing about my workplace is the fact that it’s a small business. Though the lavender farm sees a lot of people pass by in the summer, it’s still a small business doing small business stuff! Like writing little thank you notes for orders, using wooden stamps with purple ink for a personal touch, putting handmade decorations as displays, and being open to trying new ideas from customers and staff alike.

The creative mother of the owners is always coming up with new ideas and creations to add to the shop, and we all just go with it… because why not? It’s great to feel like no suggestion you make is a silly suggestion, that ideas are always taken on board.

hygge things: little details, scarecrow in front of fruit tree

Writing blog posts

My role has naturally expanded since I first got to the farm. I am officially the Guest Experience Supervisor but have now taken on writing the farm’s blog posts on the website which I absolutely love doing. Writing is hygge to me, so I enjoy sitting down in the tearoom with a cuppa and writing about the lavender farm, our products, the natural ingredients, gardening, the people, the local area and whatever else comes to mind that relates to this lovely little corner of New Zealand.

Girl in purple door/doorway in middle of lavender field

Supportive environment

This is probably the most important aspect of the farm from a staff’s point of view. Having supportive, understanding, caring, grateful bosses is a really hygge thing to me. Because I know most people don’t have the luxury of praising their bosses like this.

The lavender farm is family-run and it shows. The owners are amazing people, who dole out compliments on a daily basis and doesn’t let you put yourself down whatsoever. They are also big on rewards and doing nice things “just because”. Just last week we were taken out to breakfast at a café in town which was super hygge. A couple of months ago we were sent off to a winery for a tour (one owned by Sam Neill!). Very thankful for this.

hygge thing about my workplace: collecting flowers from the garden in a basket

Anything not-so-hygge?

Since I am all about honesty and a big believer in transparency – here are the no-so-hygge things about my work: rude customers. That’s it, though.

My workplace sees many a people come for a wander, especially in the summertime, but most of the guests are amazing. The lavender farm is somewhere that tickles all your senses so most individuals are awed as soon as they step through the door. But no matter where you work, you’ll always meet those lacking manners and decorum. And they can really ruin your day. You could be having a cosy, happy day, appreciating all the little things around you and a customer can turn it all around.

lavender farmshop, dried flowers and lavender products

That’s it, that’s my workplace

All of these little details add up to enjoying hygge vibes every day. I appreciate that I am very lucky to be working at such a wonderful place, alongside lovely human beings (and non-human beings!). Sometimes you really do need to stop and smell the roses, which is why I decided to share this with you.

If you want to read more, here’s a post from October last year after I had just gotten the job!

10 hygge things about my workplace pin - cosy tearoom and fire

Would you describe your workplace as “hygge”? If so, what’s the best part?

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9 responses to “10 Hygge Things About My Workplace”

  1. It does sounds lovely. Lavender is a great plant and smells amazing.

    1. It is a very versatile plant!

  2. Wow. I want your job. It looks amazing and it must be lovely to be in that environment everyday. Thanks for sharing these lovely images with us.

    1. It’s such a nice change to other (stressful) jobs!

  3. It looks and sounds like you have a really lovely work environment. You have shared some great photographs. Love the nature snaps! Thank you for sharing.


    1. I do, I’m very lucky to have found myself here. Thanks for reading!

  4. This sounds so wonderful and what a beautiful place to work! I’d love to hang out in that tearoom and try those baked goods

    1. Thanks, the tearoom definitely adds to the experience of visiting the farm!

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