Did I Manifest My Dream Job?

Like me, you may have heard the term “Manifestation” being thrown around a lot. My assumption is that it has something to do with the rise of young people, especially women, following astrology and charts, whilst also making things happen for themselves. Mapping out personalities, guessing our paths in life, and the Universe’s plans, is big nowadays. And using crystals, spells, meditation, affirmations and other spiritual means has become increasingly popular. I love the witchy vibes of it all! From the start of 2020, I have been seeing it all over social media, and as with all trends, it can now be seen seeping into day to day life.

The only problem is, I am a sceptic of this kind of thing. As an ISTJ, it’s really hard to accept things with no evidence to support that it works, or just accept anything that’s different, or out there e.g. your personality is determined by the stars on the day you were born. So when I started seeing more and more people talking about Manifestation, I didn’t get it… you can’t just think about something to make it happen, right? Send a thought out to the Universe and it will come to be? But recent events have caused me to ask myself, did I manifest my dream job?

A journal, pen and a cup of steaming tea on white sheets: is this what manifestation looks like?
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Understanding Manifestation

If you google the term, you will get thousands of posts and articles answering the question “What is Manifestation?”. This was one of the first ones I clicked on that explains it to some extent, but there is definitely more to it including positive thinking and focusing on the direction of your life, your goals and your future (it’s not just about getting your crush to like you). This InStyle article was one that I found to be more in-line with how I see Manifestation.

“Manifestation refers to various pseudoscientific self-help strategies intended to bring about a personal goal, primarily by focusing one’s thoughts upon the desired outcome. The techniques are based on the law of attraction of New Thought spirituality.”


So, why do I, an ISTJ, suddenly buy into Manifestation? Well, I don’t. Because from what I have learned from certain spiritual people’s blogs, it isn’t you “making it happen”. In fact, some say that if you try to take control and make things happen, you are working against the Universe’s plan… which it will hinder your progress, and your goals. However, I believe Manifestation, being grateful for what you have, asking for more (yes from the Universe, but more so from yourself and your surroundings) has a huge effect on your thinking and your actions. To me, if you don’t put in the work, what you are trying to Manifest isn’t just going to fall into your lap. You do have to make it happen, but this is still a way of Manifesting.

My process of manifesting my dream job

I was feeling a little stagnant for a couple of years. I didn’t think the work I was doing was right for me, and it was really hard to be content. It is only now that I am in a different job that leaves me happy at the end of the day that I see how much the other job affected my feelings, my personality and thus, my life.

So, what’s the story? I worked with animals, doing dog walks and pet sitting, realising I love animals more that anything else in the world. This job made me happy. But it was part time and my actual job was in retail. I was at the retail job for 4 years (I did quit to get into the dog walking full time but it didn’t work out and I ended up back at the shop after 6 months). Two years in, I started to really think about what I’m doing with my life. I live in a place that can be referred to as paradise (no, seriously), and yet I didn’t embrace it or even enjoy it anymore because I worked 9-5 with no job satisfaction, and no energy left to have fun. SO, I DECIDE TO CHANGE IT UP.

Manifesting my goal took 2 years, and 3 job applications to the same place. The only place in town I wanted to work, a place I could spend time in nature and with animals. And last month, I got the job. Not only working there, but as a supervisor. Today, I couldn’t be happier and I can’t believe I get to turn up to work to feed orphaned lambs their milk, and to say hi to some donkeys, alpacas, sheep, goats, pigs, cows and chickens at any point in the day.


I’ll tell you 3 things that are hygge to me: animals, tea and purple. And my new workplace? Has rescued animals to befriend. Has a tea room that I get to sit in and enjoy during my break. And the whole place is surrounded floor to ceiling in purple. My new job is my new hygge.

After only 3 weeks at this place, my spirit is lifted and my head is clear. I have energy after work, and I want to enjoy things that I didn’t care for before.

Manifestation come to life: A cup of purple tea on a table next to a purple teapot, with a photo of a chicken (back of a menu), teapots display, in front of a window looking out on a lavender farm with blue skies
Morning break time

What I’m saying is, I was thinking about leaving my old job for years. I felt positive that I would achieve this, if not now, then in the future. So, I wrote down my goal in the notes section in my diary a few times, “apply for new job”, “do what makes you happy”, “be brave” etc. And I did what I could to help make it happen.

To sum up then, I may not have embraced the whole Manifestation thing on purpose, and I may not even fully understand it still. But I do think it can be a great tool to help anyone feeling discontented. If it gives you hope, and helps you work toward what you want most in the world, then what the heck are you waiting for? Start writing that shit down, start making it happen!

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.


I’d love to hear your opinions – did I manifest my dream job?

Let me know if you practice any sort of Manifestation techniques and if they have worked for you. Or if you doubt it works at all.

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15 responses to “Did I Manifest My Dream Job?”

  1. This was really interesting! I’m a bit skeptical of manifestation too but it does sound like that might’ve happened here! Either way, I’m happy you found your dream job and get to work with animals. Thanks for sharing, I might try manifestation now x

    1. I’m glad you’re also a little skeptical, it feels like the whole twitter community is on board with it. I still wouldn’t place all my hopes and dreams on “manifesting” but I do think it can be a great way of motivating yourself for getting what you want x

  2. Congratulations on getting a job working with animals. Sounds awesome. I’d love that but I am allergic.
    I love the Buddha quote. Thanks for sharing this great post!

    1. Thank you! Aww that’s such a bummer. Hope you do something that makes you happy though x

  3. Congratulations on finding your dream job. Whether people believe it or not hoping and thinking things can bring so much positivity. Thank you for sharing!

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. Thank you! I agree! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a dream job for sure! Congratulations on getting it!

    1. Sure is, especially when the alternative in this tourist town is retail or hospitality! Thanks so much x

  5. Love this! Contentment and inner peace is the greatest wealth in my opinion – keep doing what you’re doing and inspiring us all! Think manifestation is a 50/50 thing, we are all but vibrations and by putting out into the universe the right signals via your vibration ie positivity, belief I think the universe, nature etc works hand in hand with you to make it happen #justmytheory

  6. i feel i’m in a similar boat where i manifested my dream job and where i am now. before the pandemic, i had a job i liked but it wasn’t my passion. during quarantine i started blogging because i’ve always wanted to be a writer. i would reflect on it and script that i would become a blogger and i did. now, i’m a year into this and loving it.

    1. Ahh that’s great, good job on doing what you love!

  7. Manifestation sounds interesting. I find myself wishing I could be a blogger and writer full time. I visualise it a lot like a dream.

    1. Hopefully that comes to be for you!

  8. mummyconqueringanxiety avatar

    Congrats on the job. I personally believe you were meant to do it. I totally believe in manifestation. These techniques train you to change your thoughts & habits. Open up a bit more and I honestly think this is what changes our lives. I think it’s quite simple really.

    I’ve used these techniques following a rocky year and I’m doing a lot better. Opportunities are coming my way, I’m happier and I’m ready to take on the future.

    1. Thank you! I agree, the techniques can help you be more open and focus on what you want from life.

      I’m glad to hear they’ve worked for you and that you’re having a better time of it lately 🙂

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