Why You Should Try Period Underwear

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to cover for a while! Because since ditching menstrual pads, I am a big believer in using reusable, healthy, eco-friendly options, such as the cup, cotton pads and period underwear. From the title, you can see which one I’m an advocate for. And hopefully by the time you’ve reached the end of this post, you’ll understand why period underwear are the best.

Incase you don’t know much about them yet – period pants are designed for people who menstruate. Helping us to stay dry through the day, and all night long. They are absorbent, leak-proof and comfortable (like, really comfortable).

And now, as we come to the end of Plastic-Free July, is the perfect time to look into this game-changing product.

There is no affiliate marketing tied to this post – I believe in ModiBodi‘s period underwear, and what their brand is doing for people, which is why I talk about theirs throughout this post!

Mainstream menstrual products are harmful to our health

Recent studies have shown that the mainstream pads and tampons that most women wear during our time of the month are very harmful to our health. And they actually change the way our beautiful body works.

There are many things that are concerning about the way these products are made. For one, pads and tampons are either fully made of, or completely coated in, plastic and chemicals. Menstrual pads contain compounds and phthalates, that when used over time, can seep into our bodies. The consequence of long-term exposure to these chemicals can be horrendous reproductive issues such as infertility, irregular periods, painful cramps, cancer among other conditions. Regulation boards have even named some of the ingredients in pads (such as DPB) as “reproductive toxicants” e.g the California Board, and EU. And yet, a lot of people are still in the dark about this! Others might have read about these sad facts but due to circumstances, will be forced to use them nonetheless.

It’s time we start talking about how these necessary sanitary products can negatively impact our bodies and health, and find ways to avoid them or invest in something better.

period underwear; one pastel pink, one black with pink background
Photo by Sarah Pflug

Healthier options (period underwear!) are easy to find

I’m sure many of you are already aware of the alternative options to tampons and pads, and might have already given them a go. The rise of such things have made life a lot easier when menstruating.

Period underwear were something I read about online and became more interested in, but was scared of trying. I’m not even sure why I felt that way… But the more I read about how much healthier and sustainable they are, the less scared I was of trying them. Most period undies brands aim for a natural product, foregoing harmful chemicals that can seep into your bodies*, which made it all the more convincing that I should make the change. And as soon as I had my first period using my new undies, I never looked back. I own 5 period pants with different absorbencies and styles, and they get me through my period no problem.

I do also carry natural, bamboo pads with me just in case of emergencies. Like getting caught out on work days earlier than expected (never fun!).

*Note: As with all health and wellness advice – you should always do your own research before committing to an idea or brand. I chose ModiBodi‘s period underwear because it’s one of the most transparent companies; with no chemicals, using positive body imaging, and a goal of making positive progress for people from all backgrounds. Some period underwear brands are not careful with what ends up in/on their undies and will have more plastic and chemicals than they let on. You can read this to see which ones are recommended and which ones are best to avoid!

Period pants could end up saving you some money

One of the best things about using period underwear is that you don’t have to worry about opening your purse every single month. Using this form of menstrual product can be cheaper in the long run!

When you first buy period pants, of course it’s going to cost. Especially if you grab enough to be able to get you through a week of period, day and night. But I assure you that this is an investment. In fact, the brand I use are so sure you’ll love them that they have a 60 day risk-free trial. So if you don’t see the value in ModiBodi‘s period underwear then you’ll get your money back.

Now, I’m not going to lie about anything here and promise you that this is a lot cheaper all the time because in some circumstances, it isn’t. For instance, if you are used to buying pads, then buying period undies will save you money. If you are buying organic pads or tampons then it will also probably be cheaper. However, since a pack of tampons aren’t as expensive as pads, switching to period undies from tampons might not be cheaper in the long run for you. This is a really good tool to see different products and their costs, personalised to your cycle. And here’s a good sum up and comparison of all the costs that come with menstruating.

tanned body from stomach to legs, wearing pastel purple underwear holding a sanitary pad
Photo by Sora Shimazaki

Period underwear are better for the Earth

Period undies last years, not hours. And they are not entirely made of plastic, or coated in chemicals, which not only is harmful to us humans, but also to our planet.

Millions of menstrual products are produced every day, mass-manufactured in factories creating waste, using excess amounts of water and chemicals. Collectively, we use billions of single-use menstrual products a year! That’s a sickening thought for just 12 months. And then there’s the fact that those products are still hanging around somewhere, polluting our oceans and waterways, beaches and wildlife as microplastics. Wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. The negative impact that these menstrual products have on the Earth is scary.

Which is why using an alternative product to pads and tampons is better for our environment. Whether it’s period underwear, cotton pads or a menstrual cup. These are made to last years, are more natural and are made in a better, sustainable way (depending on the brand). Some can even be recycled at the end of their time. Need I say more?

Period underwear are the comfiest option

In my humble opinion, no other sanitary product can come close to beating period pants on their comfortability.

There are no rashes here, no wetness, no leaks, and no sticking anything up your vagina. I’ve literally never felt so free on my period. And why are they so comfy? Because they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and absorbencies!

I have two black bikini-style undies that are light to moderate absorbency. I have two black boyshort-style (the comfiest) that are moderate to heavy absorbencies. And I have one bright orange (why not?) bikini-style that is a heavy absorbency. Between all these, I am set.

To show you how comfortable I am in my period undies, I’ve added images of myself lounging in them. Here. On the internet. You won’t find me doing that in any other underwear…

For full transparency: Period undies are not perfect

Nope, period underwear aren’t 100% plastic-free, they use a lot of water to wash, plus they’re not as discreet to carry around. However they are far more beneficial to our health and the planet than single-use menstrual products.

I’d like to expand on the fact that period undies are not 100% plastic-free. Spandex is an essential part of the crotch area that is very hard to replace, and I have not yet come across any brands that don’t use it. This is also another reason I chose ModiBodi‘s period underwear over others. Their vegan range is amazing and each pant only has 5% spandex, with the 95% being bamboo viscose. (Their normal range is made from merino wool, and 5% spandex). They also have a recycled range.

Similarly, menstrual cups are usually made of silicone, which is known to be a type of plastic (though some argue that it’s part of the rubber family).

For the most natural and non-plastic period, I would suggest going with reusable cotton pads.

Even so, choosing to go for any of these reusable period products significantly reduces the amount of plastic, chemicals and water used. And are better for our bodies. Which is the whole point, right?!

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Luckily for us, living naturally, sustainably and plastic-free is getting easier. After decades of synthetic everything, spraying chemicals on food we ingest, beauty products we wear, and wellness products we put on our bodies, it’s about time we ditch the toxicity.

What is your favourite sustainable menstrual product? Have you tried ModiBodi‘s period underwear and loved them too?

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15 responses to “Why You Should Try Period Underwear”

  1. Wow… this is the first time I heard of period underwear. They sound interesting. I shall check them out. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yeah they are very handy, I would recommend looking into them! Thanks for reading x

  2. I love period underwear! I am completely sold on them after getting the chance to receive some PR samples last year and now I couldn’t go back to any other period product as they have given me such freedom every month. So much better for the planet and a better sustainable option.

    1. Yayy – that’s amazing you got some to try and never looked back!

      They really are. I hope more people get into them, and we can stop messing up the planet a bit.

  3. I have worked with several brands that offer period underwear and it is a great way to save money and reduce your waste on the planet. Thank you for sharing your post!


    1. It really is! I hope more people get onboard with them 🙂

  4. I’ve been looking for more sustainable alternatives to tampons/pads. I love the idea of period underwear that reduces waste and harm on our bodies! It’s also nice to know that there are different styles available – not just one standard look. They might be on the pricier side, but I believe that they are *definitely* worth the investment. You make me want to visit ModiBodi’s site and order one ASAP. Thanks for the amazing + educational post Miriam! x

    1. I agree – it’s definitely something everyone should have a look into! Thanks so much for reading x

  5. I’ve been thinking of looking into it for the environmental and cost factor. Yay pink tax lol. But it’s cool to know there are health benefits too!

    1. Haha, I hope you look into it and find it as great as I do!x

  6. Ooh I love this! I’ve been wanting to try period underwear for a while now but I still haven’t gotten around to it – I guess I’m scared like you were! I’m so glad you’ve had such a positive experience though, it’s definitely made me want to finally try it out for myself. Thank you so much for sharing x

    1. Yay! I think it’s just not wanting change, and wasting money on something you don’t like – I would recommend going for 1 first and seeing how you like it! x

  7. I have switched to using period underwear, and they are a gamechanger! Even though they’re not 100% plastic free, they are a much better and sustainable alternative to regular pads and tampons. They are also so comfy to wear and I don’t have to worry about a pad moving around.

    1. I agree! There is no perfect solution but this is the best one I’ve found so far 🙂

  8. I have tried period underwear and they are a total game changer! I switched to a menstrual cup around 4 years ago and honestly the best change I have done and such a huge save! Really have to check out the shirts, all you need is comfort

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