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Calling all readers and writers! If you’re looking to spend more of your free time doing something you love, let me help you decide on a new hobby. Here are 4 options that are entertaining and educational in some way. Without further adieu, the best writing and reading hobbies… (and yes, I personally partake in all of these as hobbies).


Sending letters to penpals across the globe is a fantastic and meaningful hobby. Through connecting with people from various cultures, we step outside our own little world and into theirs. Not to mention, one can feel the love and care that goes into each envelope sent and received. Bringing a sense of belonging and community where we might not have any otherwise.

Why is penpalling one of the best writing and reading hobbies?

  • Penpalling will teach you to appreciate others and take an interest in their lives. Turning strangers into friends.
  • It’s a two-in-one. In the mood to read, but not write? You can peruse through a letter from a pen buddy. On the other hand, if you are in the mood to write then you can grab your pen and accessories and start replying.
  • It’s casual. There are no expectations when it comes to snail mail. You can keep the letters basic, or make them pop. You can respond straight away, or wait until you’re in the mood or have more to talk about. You can do it from a desk, a bed or a sofa, or a kitchen table.
  • You’ll learn how to structure a piece, and notice your writing skills improving. Using emotive language, and picking up on your grammar along the way.
  • It will help you be crafty. The process of decorating each letter will get your creative juices flowing. This can be therapeutic in its own right.
  • It’s for everyone. There are no strict requirements for being a pen pal. You’ll find people of all ages and from different walks of life signing up to be someone’s penpal. Which makes it all the more interesting.
handwritten penpal letters with wax seals
Photo by Nur Yilmaz

Have I convinced you to try penpalling as a hobby today? If so, you might be wondering where you even start with picking up some writing buddies. I’d recommend a free site such as Penpal World to begin with (that’s what I did!). If you don’t fancy signing up and creating a profile to a site like that one, you can always use the resources you already have. Search Facebook groups or look up #penpalswanted on Instagram.

Word Games

Word Games are to the mind what going to the gym is to the body. Engaging in simple or complex word games daily can be a fun and competitive way to escape into the world of words.

Why is playing word games one of the best writing and reading hobbies?

  • Expand you vocabulary. Whether you’re intentionally trying to learn, or playing for fun, word games are a great way to take in new words.
  • Connect with likeminded people. Or not. Word games can be played solo or with a friend or two, which makes it the ultimate hobby.
  • So many different games available! It’s amazing how many word games there are, and in many forms. You’ve got app versions of Scrabble on your phone. Classic tile games like Bananagrams. Or, good old-fashioned puzzle books.
  • It’s a beneficial time-wasting activity. Think about it, you’ll be spending your time in a much more productive way by figuring out (or being stuck on) a word game rather than doom scrolling.
scrabble tiles being arranged
Photo by Thirdman

To have some fun with word games, you’ll first need to decide what kind would suit you best. Weekly board games night with friends, or daily puzzles and online competitions? If that’s too intense, you may just like to take time to sit down and check NY Time’s website for their daily Wordle puzzle as and when you feel like it.


Writing reviews for books that we read is not a new thing. But the hobby has become popular thanks to Bookstagram. Now, there are millions of people out there showing us that this can be a fun venture. An interactive activity for both readers and writers.

Why is writing reviews one of the best writing and reading hobbies?

  • A hobby that combines reading and writing. Expressing your opinion and publishing it is a creative way to share your experience of a book.
  • Joining an ever-growing community. Reviewers on social media or bookish sites often come together to talk about books. It’s a good way to make new friends.
  • Develop critical thinking skills. It doesn’t matter if you already have experience in critiquing, or if you’re starting from scratch. Reviewing books will give you a new way of thinking, and have you become a master of attention to detail.
  • Up your writing game. Through sharing reviews, you’ll be able to try different formats and voices. Then decide how you want to progress and improve on your writing skills.
a book with annotations; try book reviewing as a hobby
Photo by Cottonbro Studio

If you’re liking the sound of reviewing books, my suggestion would be to start on Goodreads. You can always add more platforms to your belt later on!


Blogging is the perfect hobby for writers, whether it’s an outlet for thoughts, or sharing tips on a specific topic. And by visiting others’ blogs, we can read their insightful posts that can be helpful and fun.

Why is blogging one of the best writing and reading hobbies?

  • A safe place to create and write whatever you want. That’s what most individuals are after when starting a blog.
  • Community of writers. Resonating with others is a huge part of the blogging world, so you are likely to make friends here. You may like to participate in writing prompts or topic challenges.
  • Learn more about things that interest you. You can follow conversations about another hobby or passion to keep you in the know.
  • Gain other expertise that might be useful. Like researching, structuring, branding, voice, SEO-optimized writing, editing, and proofreading. These are all exceptional skills that many employers look for in a candidate for a job nowadays. Not to mention, you can put your blog on your resume.
  • Open to anyone! About to leave school and confused about life? You can still start a blog. Just turned 50 and have some life lessons to share with the world? You can still start a blog.
reading and writing hobby, woman blogging on laptop in bed
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Starting a blog can be as easy or time-consuming as you want it to be. There are sites that guide you through the process and have their own formatting, such as Blogger. Or to put a more creative spin on your own blogging website, WordPress might be the way. The opportunities for reading and writing as a blogger are endless.

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