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Let’s grow our vocabularies together! I’ve decided to launch a monthly post called Word Of The Month so we can gain more knowledge on words. The chosen word may be one already commonly known, or it could be a completely new one that we can learn about and start using in our day-to-day conversations.

September’s word of the month is:


I love this word, but rarely use it!


attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage


Tempt / Persuade / Convince / Seduce / Cajole / Allure

Published Use Of The Word

To entice customers to make more purchases, marketers may choose from two approaches — the cross-sell or the upsell. Both of these tactics are viable and convince shoppers to purchase something they hadn’t planned to buy when they first interacted with your brand.


My Examples

“Can I entice you to stay with a cup of tea?” she asked. Yes, yes she could. Nothing in the world could get me to stick around somewhere I didn’t want to be more than a steaming cup of tea.

She entices her friend to come to the fair by bringing up the cloud-like candy floss, and a promise of a free ride. To be honest, she didn’t expect that bargain to work. But here she is, excitedly pulling up to the fairground, loose coins at the ready.

The firm was very enticing with their offer of a company vehicle and extended annual leave. Claire had always wanted a role in a company that appreciated her hard work and rewarded her accordingly, maybe this could be it.

She was enticed by his deep blue eyes and his penchant for dark humour. This guy will not escape her mind so easily when she rests her head on the pillow tonight.

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Writing Prompt

Write a sentence or paragraph that includes the word of the month, and comment your work below. Or give an example of another author’s use of the word that you enjoyed reading.

Is entice a word that was already in your vocabulary?

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