The Hygge In My Life

Recently, I wrote a post about the concept of hygge as a guest on my mum’s blog, which you can check out here. This got me thinking about making my own post about what hygge means to me specifically.

Just to recap on what the general definition of hygge is for this post… it’s a feeling of snugness and contentment, it’s that moment when you acknowledge comfort in what is happening. Read my “What Is Hygge?” page for a little more detail.

Cosy house

I love all the little details I have added to my and my partner’s snug, 2 bed rental; the flickering candles, colourful cushions, polaroid pictures, fluffy blankets and fairy lights create an ambiance that calms and relaxes me. Having a cosy home can make you feel better without you even realising it!

Reading a book with a hot beverage

Whether it’s on a day off or after work, I enjoy sitting down with a book and completely immerse myself in another world, especially with my hands wrapped around a cup of tea, or hot chocolate. This form of escapism is very hygge.

Open book, cosy cat, cup of tea = the hygge in my life

Lie-ins with my cat

Yep, my cat loves lie-ins as much as I do and there is nothing more hygge to me than waking up in the morning with my cat sleeping in my arms with her head nestled into my shoulders/face. Even better, when I have a day off and get to spend some extra minutes cuddling with her before getting out of bed.

Comfort shows

I’ve been a fangirl for most of my life and watching tv shows has always been my favourite past time. But there is something familiar and cosy about re-watching certain shows. For me, they are; The Vampire Diaries, Merlin, Schitt’s Creek and Friends. I love settling down on the sofa or in bed with a blanket and snacks and just binge these!

Treating myself to lunch at a café

Some think it’s awkward or weird for people to go for lunches on their own but I’ve been doing it for years because I absolutely love it. The feeling of being in your favourite café, or a new one you haven’t tried out before, and anticipating the delicious food that is on the way to you whilst reading a book is the definition of hygge to me… doesn’t matter that no one else is there with me!

Tea and donuts at a cafe, reading

Writing to my penpals

You might have noticed by now that I am a complete introvert and nothing that is hygge to me involves other people. However, connecting to people through letters is something that makes me content. It’s not just writing out my thoughts, but the way it makes me enjoy being creative even though I’m not a creative person (i.e. making the letter and envelope aesthetically pleasing). And getting to know about someone’s day/week/month through their words scrawled on a piece of paper that’s travelled across the globe is something special.

Bagel and cup of tea in the morning

I love my quiet hour in the mornings, before getting ready for the day, where I sit and have a cup of tea. I will usually check on my blog, read others’ posts and reply to my friends and family in the UK. And then I’ll put a bagel under the grill and enjoy the smell of fresh bread, before coating it in olive spread and strawberry jam or avocado! It’s just a peaceful time in my day that I savour.

Exploring a new city

I think it’s the feeling of being invisible that’s hygge about this to me. Just wandering a city you’re unfamiliar with, not knowing what you’re going to find; stumbling into cute cafes, parks and shops without expectations.

Riverside Market Christchurch

Animal Crossing

This game is so cute and cosy that I’m not sure why I didn’t play it before 2021. Building my island up in this game is so enjoyable, and has become a new favourite hobby!

Wow, it feels really good to list down the things that make my life hygge. I’d recommend doing this, as it makes you appreciate the little things in life. And it could even serve as a reminder to do more of these things that makes your heart happy instead of focusing on things that only bring you stress.

Animal crossing new horizons game island in winter snow, sherb amiibo card, cup of tea

So to you, I ask – what’s your hygge? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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12 responses to “The Hygge In My Life”

  1. These are comforting things to do. I love a coffee shop and watching the world go by.

    1. Same, I usually have my kindle at the ready but it’s always nice to people watch and appreciate your surroundings.

    2. Oh yeh I read kindle books on my phone. Sometimes I only manage a page while my friend is distracted but anything counts.

  2. I love this! A good point you make is the feeling anonymous in a city – I suffer with anxiety and often to feel the need to keep away from people yet when it comes to travel I can dig deep and go anywhere and I think it’s definitely as you say the anonymity which gives you a sense of freedom and in turn some peace. I have learnt to disengage out in people zones!
    Wonderful blog and definitely creates a cosy and relaxed picture of Hygge

    1. Yes, anonymous is definitely the better word for it rather than invisible. And when you have a day to wander a city, there are no pressures coming down on you, just going where your feet takes you and still seeing new things. Thank you 😉

  3. Reading a book with a cup of tea gives me the ultimate hygge feeling 🥰 My cat loves lie-ins too 🙂

    1. Aww sounds like we both know how to relax the hygge way 🥰

  4. These are all so comforting! I love having a slow morning with a good cup of tea and popping a film on, it totally helps your relax! X

    1. Yes, a slow morning really helps de-stress you I think! x

  5. ThePlainSimpleLife avatar

    I absolutely love rewatching old TV shows that just feel comfortable to me! These are all lovely ideas you’ve described 🙂

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  7. […] work in retail and have to dish out customer service all day, which is extremely tiring. My home is my hygge; it’s where I long to go after a hard day, and where I want to stay after a week of […]

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