Finding Hygge In Spring

If you’re currently enjoying seeing bright daffodils opening up, blossoms blushing against blue skies, and feeling the rays of the sun on your skin then congratulations on being in springtime! Doesn’t it smell GOOD? …Over here in New Zealand, it’s mid-autumn and the trees are all orange and reds, ready to shed and head to sleep for the winter. But that’s enough about us, today I wanted to share some tips on how to have a hygge spring! Because it’s still possible to live by the cosy Danish concept over this fresh and colourful season.

Watch the new life coming through

I never really admired nature properly. Until I settled in a town that smacks you in the face with intense scenery every time it changes season. It’s now easy for me to notice and smile at the flowers that are out at certain times. To revel at the colours of the trees. And to really appreciate the little changes happening all of the time.

Nature is an extremely hygge thing, and I think it’s because it has a way of speaking to our souls. Taking a walk is something that has been proven to make us feel better. And if you’re an indoor person like I am, don’t worry! You only need to be out in nature for two hours a week to enjoy the benefits. And it can be a slow and gentle walk as opposed to a hard hike, too. So head out there and see what new flora and fauna you can find this week! If you live near water, why not have a little dip with your feet to feel that refreshing energy flow through you?

purple wildflower in the woods, springtime - nature is hygge
Photo by Tom Allport

Make your home a little greener

We all know that plants in our homes fill it with life and can create a cosy environment. So go meander through the local garden centre and add to your plant collection… I know I do this every springtime and it makes me excited for the growth ahead.

• For easy-going living, stick to cacti or succulents
• For practicality, go for your favourite herbs
• For aesthetically beautiful touches, take home some hanging plants
• For maximum impact, bring in a leafy giant such as a monsterra
More ideas here

Not only can you buy more greenery, you could also go to a flower shop and treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet. Or collect your own bunch of wildflowers (where allowed) to showcase somewhere in the home… the perfect way to celebrate hygge in spring.

plants making a hygge balcony
Photo by Thuan Pham

Get your hands dirty with crafty projects

Whether you have a green thumb and tons of ideas for the garden this season, or you prefer the quiet life inside creating something quirky, spring is the time to get into it. Inspiration is everywhere, and fresh flowers make the best diy ingredient.

This is something to enjoy in your own time, or gather the troops and have a group crafting session to share the love! I found some wonderfully hygge, spring projects that you could start on, listed here by House Beautiful.

flatlay of dried flowers, craft scissors, mirror and fabric for hygge DIY
Photo by Micheile Henderson

Savour the fresh produce

I feel like people get really motivated to be healthy, try new foods and enjoy local produce more in spring and summer. Farmers markets are a great hygge activity, and creating some fresh, light dishes after a winter of heavy foods and soups can be revitalising.

If you’re not sure how to properly celebrate all the delicious new food coming in, you could always hold a pot luck with your friends where everyone brings a spring-inspired dish. Or enjoy a picnic in the garden made up of everyone’s fave finger food. Don’t forget that spending time cooking, and sharing food with loved ones are both high on the list of hygge activities that are key to achieving happiness, according to Scandinavian culture.

person holding fresh tomatoes, herb garden in the background
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

Spend time with friends

Winter is usually a time of hibernation. And if you’re an introvert like me, you’ll find that you tend to completely drop the ball on your social life over the long, dark and chilly season. Therefore it’s important to remember that your friends and family still exist and invite them to do something now!

A friendly springtime outing could be a simple tea or coffee as a catch-up, a bigger food-related get-together as I suggested above, or a full-on outing like a shopping trip or night at the cinema. Either way, it’s important to have some intimate time with loved ones. And remember to be grateful for the way we feel when we spend time with them.

“Time spent with others creates an atmosphere that is warm, relaxed, friendly, down-to-earth, close, comfortable, snug, and welcoming. In many ways, it is like a good hug, but without the physical contact. It is in this situation that you can be completely relaxed and yourself. The art of hygge is therefore also the art of expanding your comfort zone to include other people.”

Meik Wiking
garden party with friends and food, long picnic table on the grass in the trees
Photo by Nicole Herrero

The Danish concept of hygge does not stop just because it’s not “cosy season”. So these are perfect ways to incorporate hygge into your life this springtime.

Take a breath of fresh air, stop to smell the flowers, and do something fun with friends this season. How are you going to have a hygge spring?

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