10 Of The Best Vegan Biscuits

May 29th is National Biscuit Day in the UK and it’s only right as a tea-loving Brit that I dedicate a post to our favourite snack. Gone are the days where quality cruelty-free foods are difficult to find! Now, vegan biscuits are readily available and there are plenty to choose from.

1. Boubourn – this one is essentially the best of both world. A CHOCOLATE BISCUIT, can you ask for more? I love when companies use cocoa powder for the chocolate and refrain from adding milk so that all can enjoy, thank you, Crawford’s!

2. Party Rings – these colourful doughnut-shaped biscuits will be a childhood favourite for many, since they turned up at every party. Fox cut out any animal-derived ingredients in 2015 which I’m sure makes the vegan youngsters of today very happy.

3. Biscoff – my earliest memory of these Lotus biscuits were in hotel rooms on the tea and coffee tray. I thought they were such an early 2000s thing but then they made a come-back. And I am here for it (I mean, have you tried the BISCOFF SPREAD?!).

2 x lotus's biscoff biscuit (vegan!) on a napkin
Photo by George Pagan

4. Rich tea – an absolute classic biscuit, that is a staple in British homes. This plain, round ol’ thing may not look like much but it is the perfect tea-dunking biscuit.

5. Ginger nuts – a hugely popular biscuit that you probably wouldn’t normally go for but surprises you every time you try it. This is my dad’s fave biscuit of all time, as it complements tea perfectly.

6. Digestives – another plain-looking biscuit that’s actually a legend. Because, you guessed it, it’s perfect for dunking!

another delicious vegan biscuit: the digestive, a photo of lots of digestive biscuits
Photo by Eva Elijas

7. Pink Wafers – another biscuit that’s whipped out for kids parties. I will always associate them with Pink Panther (anyone else?!). Lets be honest, they taste purely of sugar, but they’re so good.

8. Hob nobs – there’s something about the texture of hobs nobs that makes them superior. Yep. They’re just nice and oaty… and a beautiful dipping biscuit.

9. Oreos – an international star, that cut whey out of the ingredients list and showed other brands how it’s done. You love to see it.

10. Jammie dodgers – just iconic. A fruit jam, on a biscuit, on the side of tea; could you get any more British?

photo of a home-made vegan biscuit, the jammie doger, on a white plate
Photo by Hans Braxmeier

Of course, there are more and more vegan biscuits coming out as we speak. And some other British household favourites, such as the custard cream, are joining this lot. It really is a revolution.

Just be wary of the fact that some brands might have a vegan biscuit of a certain type, whilst a different brand might still add milk/whey etc to theirs. Always check the label. Alternatively, a quick Google search or a look at some vegan-run websites, will help you figure out what brand is or is not vegan.

Please note: biscuits are notorious for containing palm oil, which a lot of people actively avoid if it isn’t sustainably sourced.

Ok, biscuit fiends… what vegan biscuits are your go-to from the list? And did I leave any good ones out?

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14 responses to “10 Of The Best Vegan Biscuits”

  1. I do love Party Rings, and I can’t get enough of Biscoff. Their ice creams really good too, but that’s not vegan

    1. Agree! Damn, I wish they had a dairy-free biscoff ice cream. I bet it’s amazing!

  2. beautifultiredmind avatar

    Your grandmother used to stock up her cupboards with Pink Panther pink wafers especially for you and your brother! Personally I love a good Bourbon 😉

    1. Hahaha yum – i still buy them (well, they don’t have the pink panther brand over here) x

  3. Yum!!! I love Biscoff biscuit. They are delicious and not too sweet. Thank you for sharing.

    1. They are such a good biscuit, hah! Thanks Fadima x

  4. These biscuits literally represent my childhood! I live in the US and can only get Digestives at my local grocery store’s “Foreign’ aisle but I can order most of them from a British store in New York; I had no idea these were vegan which is just perfect for me!

    1. Awww haha same, I am in New Zealand, and can only get hob nobs in the international aisle… god bless British import stores!

  5. I did not know that most of these were Vegan! Apart from party rings; because I eat them a lot haha!

    1. Haha aw I miss party rings so much… they don’t have them over here in New Zealand! Thanks for reading

  6. Yum!! I do love a great biscuit and I think I would choose all of these! 🙂

    1. Such a delicious selection here isn’t there!

  7. I’m dairy free & so love most of these. Your favourite flavour ice cream scooped in between 2 hobnob biscuits make for a delicious ice cream sandwich.

    1. Aaahh what a great tip – will be trying this!

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